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About Us

DAD Machining Ltd was established in 2006 as a Precision engineering company

A family owned and run Engineering business specialising in precision engineering as a subcontracting machine shop, Using modern CNC lathes and Machining centres.

Along side this business we also have our own products called,  Universal Manhole cover lifting key kits and a Universal Manhole cover seal breaker.

We sell our products in the UK and Ireland at,

Screwfix, Wolseley, Wardsflex, Monument tools, Neish tools, Jetchem, Advanced Building composites, Allied Distribution, Ecogrid, Environmental Construction,Dove, GK&N, Horobin, Hyram, My Tub, Northern Tools,Pass ltd, RSM Linning, Scanbrobe, South Survey, William moore asdn Son


If you would like to sell our products then please get in touch we would like to hear from you

DAD Machining Ltd